Reasons to Not Change Your Own Oil

Don’t Do Your Own Oil Changes

Why You Should Let the Experts Change Your Oil

Thinking of Changing Your Own Oil?

While it’s great you understand the importance of having the oil changed in your engine on a regular basis, you may want to think twice before changing your oil yourself. It’s not just a matter of the technicians at your local certified repair shop having far more experience changing the oil in your vehicle. There are other considerations that make it important for you to consider having your oil changed professionally. For example, when you take your vehicle to a certified repair shop like Cochran Automotive in Germantown, MD, you’re getting much more than a simple oil change. The technician assigned to change your oil has years of training and experience working with your type of vehicle and knows what to look for while they change your oil to head off any engine issues that might be on the brink of exploding into major problems for you and your vehicle. Would you know that a small bit of oil on the engine means something more than your hand shaking as you refill the engine oil? The Cochran Automotive technician will!

Reasons to let the Experts Handle Changing Your Oil

In addition to the knowledge-driven inspection of your engine, the technicians at a certified repair station will do as they change your vehicle’s oil. You’ll also get the peace of mind of knowing no mistakes were made while the oil change was performed. If you don’t change the oil in a vehicle on a very regular basis, you run the risk of making mistakes that could cause catastrophic engine failure down the road. Another reason to leave oil changes to the professionals is the disposal of the waste oil. Do you know what to do with the oil you drain from your vehicle? Are you prepared to transport the oil to a disposal site? Most certified automotive repair stations contract with waste oil service providers who come to them to pick up and later dispose of the waste oil that comes from oil changes. Having to deal with the waste oil on your own can be tricky, depending on the laws in your area. It’s better to leave the disposal of the waste oil to the professionals.

Cochran Automotive Has You Covered

When you bring your vehicle to the team at Cochran Automotive for an oil change, you know you’re getting the best service for your engine in Germantown. The technicians will inspect your engine and the fluid levels in your transmission, brake, and cooling systems and make recommendations for any repairs or replacement parts your vehicle needs. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that not only has your oil change been performed by a seasoned professional, but your vehicle is otherwise sound to drive. Give them a call to make an appointment for an oil change today, or stop by the Germantown location to speak with the team about how they can make your life easier with an oil change and inspection.

Written by Cochran Automotive